Much, if not all, of the content within is of a sexually explicit nature, and deals with themes of transformation. If you're not into that, then leave.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Taking One for the Team

It may look like Penny here is suffering from a psychotic break, but looks are deceiving in this post-morphic-technology world.  On a mission to apprehend two dangerous terrorists, she had them cornered when they used a Free Form Morphic Device to change both of their entire body masses into her breasts, thinking themselves trapped, but safe.

But they didn't know Penny.

"They better give me a damn medal for this," was all she could think to say before she pulled the trigger.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Did... did my ass just moan?


Ugh, what the hell happened?  Why are my boobs so freaking huge?  Wait, why do I have boobs.
Hello, Stephen.
Ah!  Erica!  Look, I don't know what happened, but--
Oh, that's fine.  Because I do.
I just got so god damn fed up with your porn habit.
Porn habit?  What are you--
Don't deny it!  This wouldn't have happened unless you were downloading porn!
...Okay.  I was.  I'm sorry.
*sob* I didn't imagine it was this bad!  
What are you talking about?
The more porn you downloaded, the bigger your breasts would be when you changed!  
*blushes* Um...
I... I can't talk to you right now!  Goodbye, Stephen!
Wait, Erica!
Erica, how do I turn back?!  Erica?!

Don't Know How

Dude!  What are you waiting for?!  The sooner you play me, the sooner you break the curse, the sooner you go back to being a guy, and the sonner I go back to being a person!
Um... man?  I don't know how to say this, but...
What?!  What could possibly be keeping you?!
I don't know how to play guitar.
My boobs are kinda in the way, anyway.
Dude, I'm sorry!
*sigh* Okay.  Okay, go get the yellow pages, and find a tutor.  This is gonna take a while.

Ask, You May Be Surprised

Stephanie!  I would've let you use my iPad if you'd asked!  You didn't have to turn me into panties again.  And finish up already.  I'm getting cold down here...

Pass On My Ass

Focus back there!  You remember the terms of the spell, right?
Yes... I help you pass your final exam, or I'm oohoh yes stuck back here for a year, cradling your lovely, luscious, oh-so-soft behind, heavenly, warm, sexy...
Suddenly I feel like I might be failing this class...

Shipping Error

Roy loved Hooters girls.  So much, in fact, that he had himself changed into an entire shipment of uniforms to be worn by the lovely ladies of a particular Hooters establishment.  The problem is, it was supposed to last for 2 weeks.  It's been 6 months.  You see, there was a mistake made by the postal service, and he was shipped to China instead of Alabama.  How that kind of mistake is made, I don't even want to guess.  But we don't know where in China he was sent to, and it's been difficult trying to find him.  

I hope Roy is still having fun, clinging to all those lovely, shapely bodies over there.  He may have no idea what in hell is going on around him, but curves are curves, no matter where you are.